Dog. Man’s best friend!

That is exactly what we have in mind when we aquire a new dog. Puppy love abounds. The cuteness and

 adorable nature of puppies captivate our hearts, right? Bella Shotgun Pic1 (360x640)

Then the puppy grows into doghood.

Are you still in that bonding state of love with that more mature canine companion? We certainly hope so. That puppy loved you unconditionally! Does the dog show unconditional love?

Here is our theory: All puppies are perfect!

Aside from the occasional physical handicap that any living thing may bring into this world, puppies are Perfect Puppy with Halo perfect at birth. All of them. No exceptions.

As they grow, they will continue to be dogs. Always.

They will behave exactly as dogs are supposed to by nature. Always.

Well, then, why are some dogs really aggressive, while others are docile dreamboats? Why do some dogs tear up the house, while others make the beds, dust the floors and wash the dishes?

Simple. They are as they are because of us… the intelligent humans. Always.

This is the reason for this site, My Dog Is Nuts.

We want to celebrate that goofy, playful, strategically teasing “nuts”, while providing some dog training and care tips designed to “cure” the aggressive, mean-tempered, out-of-control psychotic “nuts” displayed by so many dogs.

We firmly believe that in only very rare instances a dog needs to “move out”. What is the secret to having a dog as perfect as that new puppy? Training of the human comes to mind. We either teach our dogs to act as they do, or allow them the right to behave as they do… both good and not-so-good.

Thanks for visiting this site, and we encourage you to come back often, provide comments and input your thoughts, concerns and successes. Brag or complain about your dog, as you like… we are on the lookout for dog stories, so tell us about your dog in 350-500 words, with a picture of your dog, and of you, if you like!

“If a child can’t discover the way we clarify, maybe we should teach the way they discover.”

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