Feeding Your Dog Poisonous Foods?

Foods That Can Poison Your Dog Dogs do not process foods the same as we humans do, so we must be careful with what we feed them. All that our trusting dogs know is that we are giving them a … Continue reading →

Jerky Treats From China Killing Our Dogs

Jerky Dog Treats Kill Almost 600 in US Please watch the video and read the following news story from NBC News. This is apparently a very serious situation facing our pets, both dogs and cats. Please share this story with … Continue reading →

This Little Rascal Bites!

Training a puppy through “Ouch!” Our puppy, Bella, is a “Cheweenie” which is a mix of Chihuahua, dachshund and some say Yorkie. Basically, she is an elongated Chihuahua. By her second or third day with us, our adorable little puppy found out how much … Continue reading →