The Chiweenie is a mixed breed, consisting of chihuahua and dachshund.

A 50/50 mix would be considered to be as “pure-bred” as these dogs get. You may have to do some searching to find a true 50/50 mix chiweenie. You can easily find what I like to refer to as a WYSIWYG chiweenie, or a “what you see is what you get” dog.

Recognized Names for This Mixed Breed:
American Canine Hybrid Club = Chiweenie
Designer Dogs Kennel Club = Chiweenie
International Designer Canine Registry® = Chiweenie

Nickname: Mexican Hotdog

(Chiweeni) (Chiwee)


Chaweenie, Chawennie, Chawinnie, Cheweenie, Chihweenie, Chihiweenie, Chiweene, Chiweenee, Chiweinnie, Chiweni, Chiwennie, Chiwene, Chiwienie, Chiweinie, Chiwienne, Chiwinie, Chiwinnie, Chweenie, Chwennie, Dachuahua, Doxiwawa, Doxywawa

Chiweenie Info & stats:

Adult Chiweenies range in weight from 5 to 10 pounds

Average Height = 8 inches

Lifespan can be around 15 years


Chiweenies can be solid or a mix of: brown, blonde, black, white and tan

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown


The chiweenie comes in a variety of looks, ranging from a short to medium length coat as well as color schemes from solid to mixes of the above colors.

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Chiweenies can look like an elongated chihuahua as well as a proportioned chihuahua with a longer tail, or a dachshund with some chihuahua traits.

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Over-shadowing their cute, playful faces, the chiweenie’s seemingly over-sized ears stand out the most. They stand up at attention most of the time, but can flop down individually or together to provide another cute image for the camera.

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown


Our chiweenie came to live with us as an “unwanted” puppy. The last of the litter, she was rejected by a kid’s mother when the child brought it home. A friend brought her over, displaying this lil pup in the palm of her hand. Initially, I was not a fan of inheriting a “designer dog” and voiced that opinion. Being clearly out-voted, there I was… holding this little runt in my hand. It had me with that “pathetic look” and I figured it could stay here… again, it was the only choice afforded me.

So, fast forward about 40 minutes and I am in love with a chiweenie. I have learned that the demeanor and personality of our chiweenie isn’t unique. This mixed breed of dog is truly amazing. I guess that the high-strung negatives of the chihuahua are tempered by the traits of the dachshund. Don’t be fooled, though… this little maniac is really fast, totally attentive, smart as a whip and really pays attention to your words, moves and gestures!

If you don’t exactly have time for them at the moment, that is OK… they will come at you anyway and show you that you do have a few seconds to spare. They require some attention! They will bond with the whole family, and individualize relations with every family member. Your chiweenie will stir up some amazing trouble with its playful antics and will try to substitute one of your real socks for the one with the hole in it that you gave it to play with… you gotta pay attention!

Chiweenies can be trained rather quickly, as they are very intelligent. Ours was house broken in about 4 days. Careful training helps. I might suggest that you check out some general training tips that we used to train ours.

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